There is no need to explain the benefits of personal website or a porfolio site, still, I would note down some:

  • Personal Branding
  • Blog Space
  • Makes you discoverable on internet
  • One stop resume which works for you
  • Helps you learn new skills while building

Tech Stack


  • First learn the basics of Hugo and how it works by following Hugo Quickstart Guide
  • Once somewhat comfortable with Markdown and Hugo, choose a template/theme for your site
  • You can create your custom theme as well.
  • After choosing a theme, customize your site based on your need.
  • Verify your site locally at http://localhost:1313 (Assuming you did not change the config)
  • At this point, your stack is setup to build your site locally.
  • Finish multiple iterations of changes till you are satisfied with the website you want to build.


  • Once site is built, it is time to host and deploy it somewhere.
  • There are multiple options to host your static website. Eg: Github pages, BitBucket, Netlify, GitLab
  • In my case, I used GitHub Pages and deployed site at -
  • I use this site as a pre-production/staging environment for my site.
  • Not including detailed information because there plenty of resources available online. Hugo instructions on hosting and deployment.
  • Once you figure out the hosting issues, it is time to purchase a domain for your website.
  • If you do not want specifc domain - which is perfectly valid - you can start sharing links from your hosted environment.
  • If you do decide to purchase a domain, there are multiple options in this case as well and the best option varies based on individual. Eg: GoDaddy, Bluehost etc
  • Some well known domain providers are listed here.
  • I selected a domain with name:
  • Domain registration for 1 year with auto-renewel. Paid $10/year.
  • Privacy protection for domain for 1 year. Paid $10/year.
  • Did not opt for HTTPS certificate because I do not need it currently.
  • Followed this youtube tutorial to link my GoDaddy domain to Github Pages.

End Result